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Skin exams are equally important as any other physical exams; therefore, it is important to see a dermatologist to check your skin at least once a year. You can also perform a check-up by yourself at home to detect any unusual skin change and seek medical attention afterward.

Regular check-ups will help you maintain healthy skin and prevent any serious consequences such as skin cancer development. By performing regular skin exams, your chances of discovering and treating skin cancer on time are greatly increased.

It is important to examine your skin for any suspicious moles, lesions or spots and treat them in a timely manner. Scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist at least once a year will help you prevent more serious consequences.

Our team of professionals will help you keep your skin healthy. If you have a suspicious lesion that you are concerned about, we are happy to evaluate it for you by scheduling a skin exam.


The Benefits of Skin Exams

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and it is estimated that about 20% of people will develop this form of cancer in their lifetime. This is greatly due to the fact that our skin, the largest organ of our body, receives the most exposure to sunlight.

Regular skin exams with a dermatologist can help detect skin cancer in its early stages. Skin cancer is easier to treat if it is detected early when it is less likely that it has metastasized. This increases the patient’s chances of survival by up to 90%.

Unfortunately, many patients discover skin cancer only when it has already spread to other areas of the body and the chances of surviving then are slim. In order to prevent this, frequent cancer screenings, as well as simple check-ups you can do at home, are necessary.


What to Expect During a Skin Exam

A skin exam usually takes about 10-20 minutes. During the exam, you will be checked for suspicious moles, birthmark changes, and any abnormal growths. We will need to examine your skin carefully, therefore, complete access to your skin is necessary.

This means that you should avoid wearing makeup or nail polish, as skin cancer can develop in any area of the body where there is skin including the scalp or genitals. You will be asked to remove your clothes and we will check your skin from head to toe to make sure that there are no suspicious growths on your skin.

It is essential that we discuss your medical history and any cases of skin cancer in your family. We may ask you questions regarding high-risk activities which increases the risk of a skin cancer diagnosis – such activities include using tanning beds.

During the exam, we will ask you about the type of medications that you take in order to determine possible risks for skin cancer developing. Some medications may cause the skin to be more sensitive to sunlight and therefore, more prone to skin cancer development.

In addition, if we notice something unusual or suspicious during your skin exam, we will act immediately to determine whether it is serious or benign. We will take a skin sample and send it to the lab to be biopsied and we will inform you of the results quickly.

Moreover, you are encouraged to perform a simple check-up by themselves at home, at least once a month in order to determine whether there are any suspicious changes on your skin. To perform the check-up, it is necessary that you stand undressed in front of a long mirror to carefully observe your skin from head to toe.

Observe the pattern of moles, freckles and other characteristics of your skin. You may also take photos of any skin changes you may notice as this will help detect transformation even it is very subtle. It is best if you can arrange for someone to take these photos of your skin changes so as to provide the best angle – this will help you identify any changes that may occur in the future.


Preventive Care

Preventive care is of utmost importance for maintaining healthy and youthful skin. Preventing a medical skin condition is better than any skin exam so it is essential that you take good care of your skin, to begin with.

Since sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer development, as well as premature skin aging, we recommend that you apply sun protection regularly. Limit your sun exposure and avoid exposing your skin to the sun at peak times, which are between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Additionally, use sunscreen with the highest SPF possible and avoid being exposed to sunlight for too long.

Furthermore, wearing protective eyewear is also beneficial when it comes to preventive skin care. For additional protection, wear protective clothing, as well when exposed to sunlight – these precautions will only help you in the long run.

Using medical-grade skin care products may help you take better care of your skin and maintain a healthy skin, as well. We will evaluate your skin, determine your skin type and recommend a personalized skin care treatment just for you.


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Maintaining healthy skin is more than just about enjoying a youthful appearance – do not risk a day longer without having your skin checked. Contact us today at Mira Vista Surgical Dermatology to schedule an appointment for a full skin exam.

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