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At Mira Vista Dermatology in Fort Worth, TX we have the finest specialists in the industry trained for an array of cosmetic treatments to bring out the best in you. From hair restoration to cosmetic dermatology, we have highly trained professionals skilled at working their magic on you.

However, we do more than just the aesthetics – because here at Mira Vista Dermatology, we believe beauty is not the visual appearance alone, but health as well. Let us help you become the person you want to be.



Botox is a purified and processed botulinum toxin from the Clostridium Botulinum Microorganism. As a paralytic agent, it is used in safe dosages to smoothen out facial wrinkles and fine lines caused by excessive muscle use.

Years of facial muscle movements such as facial expressions have caused muscles underneath the face to tighten, resulting in the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth. With Botox, these muscles are finally allowed to relax, reducing visible lines for a much younger look.

Botox is an extremely popular treatment because of its simplicity and brevity. The procedure is non-surgical and is only composed of several Botox injections in target areas of the face. The procedure can be done right after the consultation and will only take about 15 minutes.

Effects are visually noticeable within several days, while the full effects will be evident within two weeks. Botox can last about 4-5 months and when the effects of the compound start to wear off, the treatment can be renewed as easily as stepping into our office for another round.



Often used in conjunction with Botox, fillers are non-surgical treatments used in cosmetic dermatology for adding volume in certain target areas of the face to smooth out recesses such as lines and wrinkles. Fillers are also more versatile, being able to treat a wider array of conditions such as adding volume to cheeks, lips, recessed scars and even recontour facial deformities.

Dermal fillers are either natural or synthetic compounds that are directly injected into the face to “fill” out the target areas. The most commonly used dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid because it is a natural compound in the skin, which works alongside collagen and elastin to give the face a young and full look.

With two main types of dermal fillers, they are both more or less the same in every way except for the fact that one (Juvederm) can last between 6 months to a year, while the other (Restylane or Perlane) can last up to two years.

The procedure to have dermal fillers is essentially as straightforward as having the Botox procedure. The initial step is the consultation with the specialist trained to do the procedure. The consultation will consist of the specialist’s recommendation for target areas depending on your preferences.

The actual procedure will start with local anesthetic around the target areas and then once the medication has set in, the dermal fillers will be injected. The actual injection of dermal fillers are relatively quick and as soon as the procedure is done, you can go back to your normal daily activities right away.



Kybella is a cosmetic treatment that specifically targets the submental fat underneath the chin, causing the phenomenon colloquially called the “double chin.” The treatment makes use of a chemical compound called deoxycholic acid, which naturally promotes the breakdown and absorption of fat cells in the target area.

Although double chins can be naturally reduced through diet and exercise, the difficulty in doing so varies from person to person depending on their metabolic profiles. However, with Kybella, it is an easy and non-surgical way to help ease the process.

The procedure is convenient considering its effect compared to the brevity of the entire process, which will take less than half an hour to apply the injectable drug. After your consultation with our specialist, you can start with the procedure right away.

Multiple treatments of up to 6 are needed – preferably 8 weeks apart from consecutive treatments – after the recommended treatments have been applied, you would not need to get the procedure again in the future. Side effects of the treatment may include numbing in the area and swelling, but in most cases, these side effects only present themselves after the first treatment.



Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that can get rid of visually unappealing and pain-inducing varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins. While varicose and reticular veins are raised, bluish veins that are usually caused by an inadequate blood flow, spider veins, on the other hand, are usually genetic in nature.

These veins are visually unappealing, but there are health implications for them, as well. Many people complain of throbbing pain around these areas, especially after long periods of sitting down. If remained untreated, it increases the likelihood of a blood clot or even ulcers.

The procedure is simple enough: once validated as a candidate for the procedure by our specialist, the process consists of injecting a sclerosing agent into the veins. Expect a mild stinging sensation during the procedure depending on the sclerosing agent used, and it is not uncommon to experience cramping in the legs days after.

The legs would appear bruised for a few weeks after the procedure and the effects can be seen 4 months after the treatment with an estimated 60% efficacy.


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