Why Choose NeoGraft for Hair Restoration?

Have you been suffering from hair loss lately? You are not alone. Approximately 30 million women and 50 million men suffer from male or female pattern baldness or thinning hair. If you are seeking a hair loss solution, NeoGraft Hair Restoration may be a good option for you. This minimally invasive transplant technique leaves your hair looking full and natural. Isn’t it time you loved your hair again?

What Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

NeoGraft is an innovative automated hair transplant system which facilitates the harvesting of hair follicles using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplant technique, dramatically enhancing the accuracy and speed of previously used extraction tools. NeoGraft® utilizes controlled pneumatic pressure to slide out grafts smoothly, avoiding any pulling or twisting that can damage the graft. Your grafts can be re-implanted sooner, keeping them healthier and delivering natural-looking results.

What Is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is an advanced, minimally-invasive hair transplant method of harvesting individual follicles from a donor area in your scalp without a scalpel incision or any stitches, leaving no linear scars behind. These grafts are implanted into the thinning or balding areas of your scalp.

Why Choose NeoGraft?

Revolutionary Technology: NeoGraft offers the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The NeoGraft system significantly reduces damage to hair follicles, resulting in a higher take rate.

Superior Results: NeoGraft delivers natural-looking results with no visible scarring, giving men and women the freedom to wear their hair in any style they desire. NeoGraft has the highest success rate of any other hair restoration procedure.

Minimal Discomfort and Downtime: The procedure is performed under local anesthesia for your comfort. Patients report little to no discomfort, with most being able to resume their regular activities within a few days of the procedure.

Excellent Success Rate: The NeoGraft procedure works well on women and men with all skin and hair types. You can even use NeoGraft to compliment or correct a strip procedure you’ve had in the past!

Consult Our Hair Loss Experts

Contact us at Mira Vista Surgical Dermatology in Fort Worth to learn more about NeoGraft Hair Restoration and how it can work for you. With experienced staff and cutting-edge technology, you can trust that you are in good hands. It’s time to enjoy full, healthy hair again!

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